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But since , when they were first discovered in Japan, no one could explain these phenomena. Now, the mystery has been solved: pufferfish are the culprits. Males, LiveScience explains , create the structures to attract females. Males laboriously flap their fins as they swim along the seafloor, resulting in disrupted sediment and amazing circular patterns.

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Puffer fish is diverse in the tropics in every corner of the world including Asia or South America and others. Therefore, modern fishkeeping is popularly practiced with puffer fish diverse species. Basically, to raise pufferfish requires many precautions for a beginner. Many species of puffer fish known to be a naturally highly aggressive freshwater fish can sometimes harm other smaller fish or aquatic animals to death if kept in a home aquarium.

The Complete Freshwater Puffer Fish Care Guide

Freshwater pufferfish is gaining popularity among aquarium hobbyists because they look adorable with their ball-like appearance. They are also exciting creatures because of their territorial behavior and unique ability to puff up air or water. If yes, it is essential to distinguish which puffers belong to freshwater and which ones thrive only in a brackish aquarium. Many aquarists see the Dwarf puffer as the ideal puffer to keep in an aquarium.
Despite the Russian roulette stereotype, people rarely fall ill in restaurants, chef Wakisaka Nobuyuki tells us. Although routinely served at restaurants across Japan, their poison is so potent that chefs have to take a national written and practical examination just to be able to cook it. At his Hagi Honjin Ryokan in seaside Hagi, Japan, the fish is used for sashimi , fugu chiri — fugu hotpot, not unlike shabu shabu —and even as garnish for sake: The charred fin, a tiny blackened thing, is steeped in a steaming hot mug of sake, which is then lit on fire tableside.
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