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Last night, my wife asked me yet again about an activity I consider rather obvious. So I told her the truth about why I was in the downstairs bathroom for 20 minutes: I was thinking. Men are at our most creative during the 92 cumulative days of our lives we spend taking a dump. I wanted a list of deep thoughts to spew forth that could solve various crises at home and abroad.

Dudes, It Appears That Some Of You Are Not Sure How To Wipe Your Butt

Human toilet swallows all the shit

Unclogging a toilet can be can be a very easy and fast task, or a long and difficult one. It is especially bad if the clogged toilet has poop in it and or toilet paper. Scoop the waste into an empty bucket then use a toilet plunger or auger to unclog it. Hot water, dish soap baking soda and vinegar solution or a wire hanger are an excellent way to unclog a toilet if you do not have a toilet plunger or snake. Attempting to plunge a toilet with poop in it is not very effective. This will however be impeded by the poop or toilet paper. Let us look at the various ways you can unclog a toilet with poop starting with the fastest one.

How do I get my boyfriend to eat my poop?

Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. Q I'm a straight year-old female who has known my fiance since freshman year of college. He has a fetish where he likes to watch women use the bathroom. I knew this, having seen some of his porn early on, and I accepted it.
Hello, My name is Alex and I am nineteen years old, today I will tell you the story of the time that my boyfriend cheated…. I meet with a CD friend in Vancouver on occasion for what we call toilet slut training , we both dress up in sexy lingerie…. I love to deliberately go 2 in my pants. I woke up and felt a fullness in my lower stomach.
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