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Fruitarian diets are subject to numerous criticisms and health concerns. Fruitarianism may be adopted for different reasons, including ethical , religious , environmental , cultural, economic , and presumed health. A fruitarian diet may increase the risk of nutritional deficiencies , such as reduced intake of vitamin B12 , calcium, iron, zinc, omega-3 or protein. Some fruitarians will eat only what falls or would fall naturally from a plant: that is, plant foods that can be harvested without killing or harming the plant. Some fruitarians wish, like Jains , to avoid killing anything, including plants, [11] and refer to ahimsa fruitarianism. For others, the appeal of a fruitarian diet comes from the challenge that the restrictive nature of this diet provides.
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Meet The Couple Who Only Eat Fruit And Never Brush Their Teeth

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A Week with the Fruitarians - Gear Patrol

More and more people are now experiencing the incredible benefits of veganism and raw veganism, endless research showing the negative effects of the Standard American Diet and a better understanding of the devastating effects of meat and dairy production on the planet. And it really is just what it says on the tin: a diet abundant in raw fruits, giving us a rainbow of health benefits and tastes to match. Whereas veganism involves no meat, dairy or other animal products and raw food diets include uncooked fruits and veggies , a fruit-based diet usually focuses on raw fruits only, and all the wonderful varieties that are available. One of the main issues we face with any diet or lifestyle is restriction. This is not about tiny portions or counting calories. Fruit is truly a gift from the health Gods.
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What Is the Fruitarian Diet and What Can You Eat?

Steve Jobs was a famous fruitarian, someone who eats primarily raw fruit. Some fruitarians will also eat nuts and seeds, but all dieters of this type eschew vegetables, grains and animal products. There are no scientific studies confirming the benefits of this type of diet, but proponents claim that it promotes mental clarity, concentration, energy and self-confidence, along with weight loss, a stronger immune system and cancer prevention. Before you try it out, it's important to get clearance from your doctor.
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For some, this means eating what they want, when they want. Many people have adopted vegetarian and vegan lifestyles over the years, and the trend has become increasingly popular. Yet, have you ever heard of a fruitarian? Well, two people who live by a fruitarian lifestyle are Tina Stoklosa 39 and Simon Beun
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