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Is it the message of being yourself? The underdog and misfit lead characters? Or just the idea good will triumph over evil and there will be a happy ending? Thousands of LGBT people and their families regularly attend Gay Days at the Disney theme parks, where they wear red, have a good time and spread visibility for a company that has done very little in supporting them back — at least openly.

The Brant Brothers: The World's Luckiest Teenage Homosexuals

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well chosen GIF is worth a million. They let us add nuance and emotional resonance to our online communications. In addition, they take pop culture moments, and allow us to endlessly bend them to our will. A good gay GIF can let you clack that fan, pop that tongue or and toss that hair with one click. So here are 11 to use when you feel fabulous. Want to know when we publish more articles like this one?

"Hey Arnold" Shows Us How Sad Thanksgiving In The Closet Can Be

It's official, I am completely obsessed with openly gay socialite Peter Brant II and his potentially gay younger brother Harry. Screw Glee 's Kurt Hummell, every gay teen on earth pretty much wishes they were either of these kids. They're just spectacularly amazing.
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