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Based On Some Of Your Preferences, Which Marvel Man Would You Marry?

Batman Quiz: Try To Score More Than 90% - Scuffed Entertainment

Gotham City is a representation of what would be the most corrupt city in America. In a city where criminals run rampant, police officers are willing to look the other way. This is why Bruce Wayne has taken on the identity of Batman - to instill fear in villains then lock them away in Arkham Asylum. Because of Batman's advanced training and gadgetry, he can defeat Gotham's villains.

Quiz: How much do you know about Batman? Take Batman’s 80th anniversary quiz!

There are a ton of iconic superheroes, and villain's who have been around for decades. Some of them have evolved over time and others have basically remained the same. Batman is a normal guy who dresses in an all black suit, drives around in a super cool car and fights crime all night.
Batman villains are some of the most perplexing and unique villains of any comic book series. Many would consider Batman to have the greatest set of villains to have to face. The overarching darkness throughout Batman comics makes the story special in its own way. Sure there are many dark comic books out there, but none provides the creativity and deep conflicts that are seen in Batman. The first villain was the Joker who appeared in Batman 1 in the spring of
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